Analysis Of Common Failures Of PE Jaw Crusher

Any equipment needs to be maintained, not to mention mining equipment. The working environment of mining equipment is bad, and the wear of equipment is also serious. Therefore, maintenance issues should be paid more attention to. PE jaw crusher equipment is a widely used equipment. It can be said to have applications in various fields. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple structure, long equipment life and convenient maintenance. The working principle is relatively complicated and the design is very reasonable.

Ingeniously, the products produced are very uniform, so they are very popular among customers. However, the broken machine equipment also needs to be maintained, and it is often inevitable that some problems will arise. Let's briefly introduce it.

Common problems of PE jaw crusher equipment: Generally, there are mainly some points. First, the host suddenly stops when running. This situation will occur.


  • 1. The voltage is unstable, the V-belt is too tight, and the tension rod is tightened. Loose, these will lead to sudden shutdown;
  • 2. The production of jaw crusher equipment is not up to standard, the general treatment method is to change the motor wiring, adjust the discharge port, check the size of the tooth plate, increase the working voltage and replace Bearings, etc. are all possible;
  • 3. When the PE jaw crusher equipment is running, there is a sound of impact. In this case, check whether the bolts are loose and adjust the gap of the discharge opening; if it is the main tank or the movement of the movable jaw If you can replace the tension spring, you can also replace the tie rod or replace the brackets;
  • 4. The host suddenly stops, the material is blocked, the bushing is loose, the voltage is unstable, the bearing is broken, and so on.

Jaw crusher is a kind of equipment that is commonly used. The wear of equipment is inevitable during work. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the safe and effective operation of the equipment. The maintenance and maintenance of the equipment is very important.

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