Cassiterite Mining Machinery in Pakistan2019-08-21


Cassiterite Depositcassiterite, also called tinstone, heavy, metallic, hard tin dioxide that is the major ore of tin. It is colourless when pure, but brown or b

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Cassiterite Deposit

cassiterite, also called tinstone, heavy, metallic, hard tin dioxide that is the major ore of tin. It is colourless when pure, but brown or black when iron impurities are present. Commercially important quantities occur in placer deposits, but cassiterite also occurs in granite and pegmatites. Today most of the world’s cassiterite is mined in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bolivia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Thailand, Pakistan and parts of China; other countries produce smaller amounts.

Cassiterite Mining Method

Hard-rock underground mining for cassiterite is predominant in China, South America and Australia, although there are some open pit operations in all these places. Vein and disseminated tin deposits are mined by the same methods used in hard-rock mining of other non-ferrous ores such as zinc.

The ore is broken by drilling and blasting, transported to a concentrator where it is crushed and ground and then concentrated primarily by gravity methods. The concentrate is usually of a lower grade than placer concentrate because of the fine grain size of the cassiterite (tin oxide) and the difficulty of removing all the associated sulphide and other heavy minerals.

Cassiterite Mining Machinery

As a global supplier and manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipment. SBM has been installed thousands of mining machinery all over the world especially Pakistan. The large-scale project in Pakistan clearly shows that, in the field of surface mining, SBM offers its customers not only powerful machines for the mining of high-quality products but also a comprehensive solution concept for large mining projects.

SBM always provide the high-performance mining machine impresses not only with tremendous productivity and precise control but also with intelligent design in terms of ergonomics and maintenance safety. Our cassiterite mining machinery in Pakistan mainly including quarry machine, extraction plant, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, mobile crushing plant, grinding mill, conveying system, separation machine, processing plant etc. Please chat online for free information.

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