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Concrete Crusher Machine TypesConcrete crusher machine for construction industry vary greatly in size and strength, and different projects will require differen

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Concrete crusher machine for construction industry vary greatly in size and strength, and different projects will require different grades of crushing machine. Some crushers are mounted on excavator arms (or sticks) and use heavy jaws to wreck and move large amounts of concrete and rebar.

Other crushers are mobile and flexible to move on the working site. There are also small concrete recycling crushing plant which can be loaded by hand and by shovel, but care must be taken to not feed in pieces too large for the machine to handle.

SBM is world leading supplier and manufacturer of concrete crusher machine. We provide jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, VSI crusher, gyratory crusher for mobile, portable and stationary applications. Please contact us for more information.

Concrete Crusher Machine In Malaysia

There are concrete crushers available for rent or purchase from any construction equipment rental business in Malaysia. Keep in mind, however, that a number of concrete crushers require additional equipment. For example, the jaw crusher mentioned above will require the use of an excavator and perhaps the services of an experienced operator. Rental locations will have rosters of licensed professionals.

Purchase and rental prices vary widely depending on the size of the machine, where it is bought or rented, and, in the case of a rental, for how long it will be used. Please just contact us about your requirements. SBM experts will help you design a cost-effective crushing solution.

Portable Recycling Crushing Plant

The broken concrete rubble is conveyed by belt conveyor into an primary jaw crusher, which can be adjusted to accept many different sizes of rubble. The crusher uses several rollers covered with interlocking teeth to reduce the concrete rubble into smaller pieces.

The screening machine separates oversized materials from the smaller stone. The oversize waste concrete materials will go through impact crusher or cone crusher for further size reduction. The portable concrete recycling crushing plant is good choice for construction application. It will reduce tranport cost and improve production efficiency. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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