Factors Affecting Wind Pressure Of Ultrafine Mill

In the grinding process of materials, the ultrafine grinding machine has a very important part of the material separation process. The material is mainly separated after being ground by the wind. If the particle size is reasonable, it will become a finished product, which is unreasonable. If it needs to be smashed again, this process is an important step to meet the quality requirements of the ultrafine mill. It is very important whether the wind is reasonable or not, but sometimes the unreasonable wind pressure will affect this process, then what factors will What is the impact of wind pressure?

1. The thickness of the material layer at the bottom of the ultrafine mill is generally changed during the actual working process due to factors such as unreasonable feeding, and no longer meets the requirements of the mill for the thickness of the layer. Then, in this process, the production conditions will change, which will not meet the production requirements. Once the thickness of the material layer is unreasonable, the wind pressure will change, so that the separation of the materials in the production cannot be carried out normally, and the final effect will be affected. To the quality of the finished product of the ultrafine mill.

2. The rotation speed of the mill, generally in the actual production process, before the formal production, it is necessary to adjust the parameters of various aspects, the rotation speed is also an aspect of adjustment, if the adjustment is unreasonable, it will appear for other The influence of parameters, such as the change of wind pressure, will definitely affect the quality of the finished product produced by the ultrafine grinding machine.

3. The speed of the analyzer and the inclination of the blade, which is also a factor that affects the magnitude of the wind pressure, because this factor will analyze the important components of the particle size of the material. If it has problems, it will directly affect the wind size. The judgment of the material, thus affecting the production process.

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