Introduction Of The Impact Plate Of The Sand Production Line

The impact plate of the sand production line directly contacts with the material to crush the material when it is working, and the impact plate plays an important role in the operation of the equipment, with the function of adjusting the discharge port and the safety device. In order to facilitate the operation and use of users, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the impact plate. The following article will introduce the impact plate of the sand production line in detail.

1. The material of the impact plate of the sand production line: the impact plate is generally welded by steel plate. The counterattack surface is provided with a wear-resistant lining plate, but it can also be composed of a counterattack roller or a grate strip plate. For the counter attack surface with grate joint, the fine-grained content of the product is less, the production capacity of the equipment can be improved, and the power consumption can be saved. However, there are some defects, such as complex structure, hard to replace after the wearing of the impact surface, fast wearing and so on.

2. Structural form of impact plate: there are many forms of impact plate broken in sand and stone production line, mainly including broken line and arc. The broken line type impact surface can make the material on each point of the impact plate impact in the approximate vertical direction, so it can obtain good crushing effect. The arc shaped impact surface can make the material rebound from the impact plate, and form a fierce impact crushing area in the center area, so as to increase the free impact crushing effect of the material. In the specific use process, it should be selected according to the needs of users.

3. Working principle of impact plate breaking in sand and stone production line: according to Shibang heavy industry, impact plate is one of the components directly crushing materials. The working principle of the impact plate is to bear the impact of the material hit by the plate hammer, so that the material is impacted and broken, and the material after impact and broken is bounced back to the impact area, and then impact and broken again to obtain the required product particle size.

4. Function of the reaction plate: the reaction plate has the function of adjusting the discharge port, changing the gap between the lower part of the reaction plate and the rotor, and controlling the particle size of the product. At the same time, the impact plate also starts the function of the safety device. When the impact force of the ore exceeds the impact force that the impact plate can bear, that is, when the load of the non crushing material is too large due to entering into the non crushing material, the impact plate of the sand production line will automatically back up and rise, so as to increase the discharge port and release the non crushing material.

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