Installation And The Composition Of Sand Production Line2019-08-30


When gravel equipment, motor by way of V-belt, equipment, rear wheel drive equipment rotates gradually, gravel have to wash trough into the tank, roll driven im

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When gravel equipment, motor by way of V-belt, equipment, rear wheel drive equipment rotates gradually, gravel have to wash trough into the tank, roll driven impeller and grinding one another to get rid of the gravel surface covering impurities, while the destruction of vapor-coated sand layer, so as to facilitate dehydration; when adding water to kind a powerful present, timely tiny proportion of impurities and foreign objects away in the wash tank and overflow outlet, total cleaning effect. Clean gravel away from the blade, and lastly into the gravel from the rotation from the impeller discharge chute, complete cleaning effect gravel.

1. The Operation Plus The Production Course Of Action

Sand production line equipment could be the special equipment of sand, stone for the production of building. Sandy granularity, high compressive strength, much more in line using the high standard requirement than natural sand, construction sand hammer breaking production of sand; it is actually primarily based around the feeder, jaw crusher, effect crusher, vibrating screen and effective sand washing machine, and connected into a line having a belt machine. The production line adopts high speed rotating wheel will stone 76m/s line speed throws, collision in the wearproof lining plate, the formation principle of broken stone dozen stone, stone blacksmith. To make sure that the complete approach smooth material, trusted operation, higher efficiency and energy saving, power saving 50% than traditional equipment.

2. Sand Generating Machine Production Line In The Functioning Procedure Of Sand Production.

Inside the complete sets of sand production line, particularly the crusher's part is quite essential; in road, building, bridge and other raw components within the process, normally want and sandstone frequent production line equipment, nonetheless, the set of sand production line equipment can effortlessly meet the artificial stone and sand in the very same time, the specifications of production. Production line equipment production of sand including stone and artificial sand, also known as sand equipment, is a mixture of stone production line and sand production line of the body.

Performance Benefits Gravel Production Line Equipment

Sand Making Machine Production Line equipment Component

Sand production line equipment vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand producing machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyors and other equipment combination. Depending on the course of action specifications, various varieties of gravel equipment combinations to meet customers' distinct approach specifications. Sand production line is defined according to the material type, and created the completed product, including artificial stone and sand, also known as sand and gravel production line. Equivalent combination of stone production line and sand production line. In road building, construction supplies plant, usually demand public sand and gravel production line.

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