Installation Details Of Small Construction Waste Crusher

Small construction waste crusher is one of the commonly used equipment in mining, but the installation of small construction waste crusher has many details that are easy to ignore, such as the installation of pad iron, generally using slurry method.

Installation Of Pad Iron For Small Construction Waste Crusher

As the small construction waste crusher belongs to high-speed vibration machinery, its foundation should be separated from other foundations or vibration source isolation measures. When the foundation is checked before installation, it is found that the elevation of each point of the foundation is different and the inclination is large. If the cushion plate is placed directly on this basis, the level requirement of the cushion plate can not be guaranteed, and the contact area between the upper surface of the cushion plate and the bottom surface of the equipment can not be met. Even if the foundation surface is leveled to ensure the level, it is quite difficult to operate to ensure that 32 sets of cushion plate foundations are at the same elevation. Moreover, the contact area between the bottom of the cushion plate and the base surface is small, and the elevation and level of the equipment must change when it works on it for a period of time, which will deteriorate the operation status of the equipment. The installation of large-scale rotating equipment requires more stringent cushion iron. The quality of this work will directly affect the service life of the equipment and the equipment rotation. Vibration after moving, and even problems of small construction waste crusher in production will increase in the future. So the installation of cushion iron is very important to the quality of equipment installation.

Slurry Installation

Through consulting the relevant information and construction drawings, and discussing with the technical personnel in charge of the project, it was decided to adopt the method of cushion plate grouting to pre-bury the floor, and then install the non-shrinkage grouting material to pour the foundation and equipment. Slurry method - simply put concrete mortar between the cushion iron and the foundation to achieve the purpose of the installation of the cushion iron and improve the quality of the installation of the cushion iron. When setting slurry, the level of the floor is measured by a level instrument, and the elevation of each floor is measured by a level instrument to ensure that the elevation of each floor is the same. This can also reduce the number of cushion plate layers, only a bottom plate and a pair of oblique cushion plate can be used. The mortar of the base mortar method is made of sand, pebble, cement, water and so on. Mix proportion is an important link in the construction of seating slurry method, which directly affects the construction quality of seating slurry method. The seating slurry method uses non-shrinkage cement and high-grade cement.

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