Problems Of Ultrafine Mill

Because of its simple structure, stable performance, durable and a series of advantages, ultra-fine grinding machine is welcomed by the majority of users. However, there are still some problems in its use. Here is a brief summary.

  • 1. One of the problems of ultrafine mill: the machine is often blocked due to uneven feeding or too fast feeding. It is recommended to use automatic feeder to avoid. And once it gets clogged, we will find that the sound of the equipment changes greatly, and there will be very big noise, or the sound will become big for a while and small for a while, which is abnormal performance. When the ultrafine mill encounters such a situation, the user should stop using it immediately and check it.
  • 2. The second problem of superfine pulverizer: the exhaust of equipment pipeline is not smooth. The heating of circulating air makes the temperature of the main motor rise and the current of the fan fall, which is one of the problems of the mill. There are many reasons for all kinds of phenomena. It may be that the temperature of the machine becomes higher due to the lubricant, or that the exhaust meets obstacles, resulting in the temperature of the electric current machine becoming higher.
  • 3. The third problem of ultra-fine pulverizer: the dust removal device of ultra-fine pulverizer fails. The bag filter is mainly used for increasing the air volume in the circulating air flow, removing the dust particles in the air flow, and discharging the increased exhaust gas after the air volume is purified. When the bag type dust collector can not carry out the dust removal work normally, a large number of dust particles are easy to accumulate in the air duct, thus causing the blockage of the circulation air duct of the pulverizer.
  • 4. The fourth problem of ultrafine mill: the humidity or viscosity of the grinding material is too high. The amount of water content and the fluidity of materials directly affect the output and efficiency. Excessive moisture of materials will lead to problems such as difficult cutting, wall sticking, blocking pipes, and unsmooth cutting mouth.
  • 5. The fifth problem of ultrafine mill: the fan is abnormal. The fan mainly provides the circulating air flow in the mill. The circulating air flow can carry the milled material particles through the air duct and enter the analyzer for material separation. Unstable voltage may cause abnormal operation of the blower, abnormal blower may cause unstable air flow, and materials cannot enter the classifier evenly according to the procedure, resulting in blockage of the blower pipe.

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