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HPT Cone Crusher

Product Features: Higher crushing ratio, bigger processing capacity, better granularity and shape of finished products
  • Input Size: 0-350mm
  • Capacity: 45-1200TPH
  • Material: Granite, diabase, basalt, pebble, limestone, dolomite, metallic ores and non-metallic ores, etc.

HPT Cone Crusher is in nearly thirty years of crushing machine R & D experience foundation, unifies the domestic and foreign advanced technology, development and application of the products after several generations, a new generation of highly efficient hydraulic cone crusher introduced. In the traditional multi cylinder hydraulic cone breaker spindle, spindle rotating around a fixed eccentric sleeve structure and laminating crushing on the basis of the principle of optimization, the breakthrough on the equipment structure of HPT series, significantly enhance the use of equipment performance and crushing capacity. Hydraulic lubrication system supporting design, ensure the equipment reliable operation at the same time, more intelligent and humanized operation control.

HPT Cone Crusher Working Principle

When HPT Cone Crusher working, the motor rotates to drive the transmission shaft with device through a belt pulley and a triangular, the transmission shaft drives an eccentric sleeve rotates around the main shaft through the size of bevel gear, an eccentric sleeve drives the movable cone do swing movement, so that the dynamic and static cone and cone near, Shi Eryuan from the rolling mortar wall, crushing cavity the material is formed in the rolling mortar wall and the crushing wall continue to be squeezed, the impact crushing, crushing material from the lower part of the discharge.


HPT Cone Crusher Structure

HPT Cone Crusher has the same structure and the same crushing theory as traditional HPC cone crusher. But HPT cone crusher strengthens the performance of driving device and sealing service. And the structure is much more compact, the control system is much more intelligent.

HPT cone crusher is applied to cement mill, mining, building construction, road &bridge construction, railway construction and metallurgy and some other industries. Materials like iron ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, cobblestone and some others are easily crushed by cone crusher.

Application Of HPT Cone Crusher

HPT cone crusher is the introduction of the latest German technology and the development of high-energy cone crusher has the world's advanced level. By using a special machine intergranular laminating crushing chamber design principles and matching speed, replacing the traditional single particle crushing principle, to achieve selective material crushing, crushing particle size uniformity. Rail-way through the release of hydraulic cylinders allow the iron smoothly through the crushing chamber, and in the event of excessive iron and transient nausea vehicle under circumstances, to hydraulic lifting roof, automatic nesting, avoiding the spring cone crusher downtime maintenance operations. Crushing cavity using high-performance non-contact labyrinth seals, improves the reliability of the dust barrier, reducing the wear cycle iron contamination and equipment, plus the body carries unique lubrication system, greatly improving the service life of equipment.


HPT Cone Crusher Product Parameters

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