SCM Ultrafine Mill

Product Features:Ultrafine powder, wide applications, excellent environmental effect
  • Input Size:0-20mm
  • Capacity:0.5-25T
  • Material:Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

SCM series ultrafine grinding mill is based on years of accumulated mill production experience, absorb the Swedish advanced mechanical manufacturing technology, a new superfine powder and after testing and improving for many years and development (325-2500) process equipment. It is the crystallization of China and Sweden advanced technology, is to guide the mill the world trend of the latest products. SCM series ultrafine mill is specially designed for super fine powder grinding. Now it's growing more and more popular with its reliable technology and perfect after-sale services. For almost 30 years, SBM has being specializing in all facets of grinding mill design and maintenance.

Introduction of Ultrafine Grinding Mill

The ultrafine grinding mill for sale manufacturer is base on my company's wear-resistant equipment and technology experts's many years of research on industrial mill, absorb the lessons of Germany and Japan advanced fineness classification technique, based on principles of fluid mechanics, develop the efficiency ultrafine grinding mill for sale wihich can be compared with the jet mill, the output and power all reached the national standard, ranking in domestic and international advanced level, be praised from users in all sectors.

SCM Ultrafine Mill Working Principle

Bulk material by hammer crusher to the desired size, by lifting machine into the hopper, the feeding device is uniformly continuous feeding within the host, into the host material diversion tube with inclined to bulk disk on the upper part of the host turntable. The host work, dozens of grinding roller rotation, rolling in the loop. But the material under the action of centrifugal force was scattered to the surrounding bulk disk and fall into the grinding chamber, the ring road was grinding roller stamping, rolling, grinding.


The main motor of the Super Thin Grinding Mill (Ultrafine Mill) drives main axle and every layer rotating by the power of reducer. Dial drives numbers of rollers rolling and rotating in the ring by pintles. Big materials are crushed into small particles by hammer crusher. Then they are sent to store house by elevator. Vibrating feeder send the materials evenly to the middle of the upper dial. Under the function of the eccentricity, the materials fall into the ring to be pressed, crushed and Milled into pieces by rollers. After the first crush, materials fall into the second and third layer. The pumping of the high-pressure centrifugal blower put the outside air into the machine. The coarse powder will be brought into the classifier.

How to solve the environmental problems of ultrafine mill

For ultrafine mill production line of environmental issues, mainly dust and noise, these two aspects of the environment will be polluted, and the health of the staff has adverse effects, so need to be resolved in a timely manner, the following to introduce the solution of these two problems.

For the dust problem, in the production of ultrafine mill, there is more or less the problem of dust, feeding mouth, discharging mouth and fan seals, because of fine particle size, very easy to fly out of the sealed place, this situation is the solution is to use the negative pressure system, the use of good sealing equipment and fine grading equipment, when necessary in the crushing workshop installation of dust removal system to ensure clean production workshop, especially the ultrafine mill in the pigment, dye, fiber powder and toxic powder production process, It is particularly important to ensure the safety of staff

For the noise problem, in the material for grinding, the machine in the production line, generally produces some noise, but generally speaking noise in a reasonable range, if beyond this range, it is necessary to use the silencer equipment to carry out the sound operation, which is to ensure the ultrafine mill environmental protection of another important aspect of production


SCM Ultrafine Mill Product Parameters

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