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ZSW Vibrating Feeder

Product Features: Inheritance of classic design, pre-screening function, guaranteed working performances
  • Input Size:0-800mm
  • Capacity:30-1000TPH
  • Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore and so on

The ZSW Vibrating Feeder is the tool feeding the lump, granular and powdery materials from the warehouse or hopper into the material receiving equipment in a uniform and continuous manner or by certain amount. In crushing lines, this product can feed the materials in a continuous and uniform manner to the crushing machine and screen the materials primarily.


ZSW Vibrating Feeder Working Principle

The ZSW vibrating feeder consists of a feed chute, a vibration exciter, a spring bracket and a transmission. The exciter consists of two eccentric shafts (drive shaft and drive shaft) and gear pairs for vibrating the feed chute. Driven by the motor, the drive shaft operates under the action of a V-belt. Next, the gear on the drive shaft turns the drive shaft. Therefore, the direction of rotation of the drive shaft should be opposite to the direction of rotation of the drive shaft. During this process, the chute will continuously vibrate to continuously transport the material.

Performance of ZSW Vibrating Feeder

With pre-screening and a wide range of applications

SBM's ZSW vibratory feeders can be used to feed a variety of ores, stones, river pebbles, construction waste and other bulk and granular materials. The feed trough is provided with a single layer of grid bars, which can be simply pre-screened to remove fine materials and debris from the raw materials.

Double eccentric shaft exciter is stronger than ordinary exciter

ZSW vibrating feeder adopts double eccentric shaft exciter, which has strong excitation force, stable amplitude, uniform and continuous feeding, high production efficiency, and makes the receiving equipment reach the best working condition.

Simple structure and adaptability

ZSW vibrating feeder is small in size, light in weight, simple in structure and compact. It has no rotating parts and some wearing parts. It is highly adaptable to a variety of ores, especially viscous materials, and can be operated in dusty or humid environments.

Low noise, no pollution

In order to avoid dust pollution and noise, the ZSW vibrating feeder adopts a closed structure in response to environmental protection requirements under the development trend of “green mine”.

Digital processing, higher precision

SBM has dozens of CNC machine tool production lines. From the cutting, bending, planning to final painting of the steel sheet, all steps can be controlled digitally. High machining accuracy ensures a higher standard for critical parts.

Sufficient spare parts supply, toothless operation

SBM is a well-known enterprise integrating mechanical production and sales in the mining machinery industry, and is committed to being responsible for each product. At the same time, SBM always makes every effort to provide customers with comprehensive technical services and sufficient spare parts so that they do not have to worry about project operations.



ZSW Vibrating Feeder Product Parameters

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