Application of Impact Crusher In Sand Industry

Application of Impact Crusher In Sand Industry

In the sand making industry, because many stones are relatively large, the crushing capacity of the sand making machine is limited. In the sand making project, due to the limitation of the feeding granularity, the production is all in 5\u0026mdash; about 10 cm, many The materials used in the sand making process will be larger than this specification. Therefore, we need to use large-scale counter-rock crushing equipment to realize the large-scale counter-rock crushing equipment to break up the large materials and break them into 2-5. When the small stones of the centimeters are in the sand making machine. This allows the stone material crushed by the large-scale impact crusher equipment to enter the sand making machine with a small particle size, which can also increase the output of the sand making machine.

How To Make The Impact Crusher More Durable

The main working parts of the large-scale counter-rock crusher equipment are made of high-manganese steel with impact resistance and wear resistance, which not only ensures the effective crushing of materials, but also extends the equipment. The replacement period of the damaged parts can reduce the production cost.In the stone production line, the large-scale impact crusher equipment mainly plays the role of secondary break. Even so, we must consider how to make the equipment more wear-resistant and durable.

For those major working parts like the counter-attacks, impact crusher machines, large linings in the chamber of the stone-breaking machine, want to make these parts more durable. The effective method is to increase the thickness of the Chen half, which not only can improve the service life of the liner, but also absorb a large amount of impact kinetic energy, thereby reducing the impact of materials on the machine and improving the overall life of the equipment.

For the hammer head of the large-scale impact crusher equipment, in the production process, the main wear part is at the side corner of the hammer head, increasing the size of the corner of the hammer head, although only adding a little weight, it can make the hammer head The life expectancy is increased by about 50%, which shortens the replacement period of consumable parts and reduces the metal material consumption of large-scale impact crusher equipment.