Copper Ore Magnetic Separator Supplier

Copper Ore Magnetic Separator Supplier

Copper Ore Magnetic Separator Supplier

In the beneficiation approach of copper ore, there will be flotation machine, magnetic separation machine applied in the whole process. As a beneficiation machine manufacturer, SBM will offer shoppers the top quality and advanced technologies machines, for example the copper ore magnetic separation machine,copper ore flotation machine and so on.

Copper ore magnetic separation machine

Copper ore magnetic separation machine processes the following benefits: brief magnetic circuit, little magnetic flux leakage, high magnetic intensity, low power consumption, fine benefiting benefits, basic structure and simple to keep. It's extensively utilized in a lot of fields.

Copper ore magnetic separator (dry sorter) current generation, second generation products, an open sports complicated magnetic method, growing the sorting procedure of magnetic flip and speed, and non-stick tube, don't wrap group with high yield, sorting static impact. This series consists of main, selection, scavenging 3 varieties.


The copper ore magnetic separator is suitable for applications that require the separation of raw materials with various magnetic rigidities. It is powerful in the processing of fine, magnetic materials that have a granularity value that falls beneath 3mm including hematite, limonite, wolfram, limonite, and tantalum-niobium, and so on. The machine has also expanded in its application to contain the purification of quartz, feldspar and nephrite.


SBM is a well known copper ore magnetic separation machine manufacturer around the world. We not only offer the new copper ore magnetic separator but also offer the applied copper ore magnetic separator for sale. High quality machines have helped us win high reputation from the international consumers. For anyone who is excited about our items, you could contact us. We're hunting forward to cooperating with you. Welcome to consult us.

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