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The production process of lead zinc ore mainly include: crushing, grinding, ore dressing. In the crushing process, three

The Production Process Of Lead Zinc Ore

The production process of lead zinc ore mainly include: crushing, grinding, ore dressing. In the crushing process, three crushing circuits are suitable for high hardness iron ore broken, which can complete the ore crushing and partial dissociation work so as to improve the efficiency of the subsequent grinding. In grinding process, two sections of a closed grinding is efficient grinding process, which can make the lead zinc mill more fully. In the new process, the representatives of emergence successful processing technology in recent years are: “gravity separation, amalgamation process, cyanidation, flotation method and etc.”

Spring cone crusher is the earliest crushing machine. This machine is combined with many countries' advanced technology, which is at 80s' international level of all kinds of cone crusher. There are many different kinds of cone crusher machine produced by shanghai SBM,a professional manufacturer and supplier in the world.

Introduction Of Lead Zinc Mine

Lead zinc mine, is rich in metal elements in lead and zinc mineral. Lead and zinc in nature especially in primary deposit is extremely close, often symbiosis. Lead minerals but industry can use the 11, zinc 6, galena, sphalerite is most important. Also, cerussite, smithsonite. Zinc is widely used, electrical industry, machinery industry, military industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, light industry and medicine industry etc. In addition, the use of lead metal have more in the nuclear industry, petroleum industry and other departments.

Application Of Lead

Lead is used in building construction, lead-acid batteries, bullets and shot, weights, as part of solders, pewters, fusible alloys, and as a radiation shield. Lead has the highest atomic number of all of the stable elements, although the next higher element, bismuth, has a half-life that is so long (much longer than the age of the universe) that it can be considered stable. Its four stable isotopes have 82 protons, a magic number in the nuclear shell model of atomic nuclei.

Distribution Of Zinc Ore

The most common zinc ore is sphalerite (zinc blende), a zinc sulfide mineral. The largest mineable amounts are found in Australia, Asia, and the United States. Zinc production includes froth flotation of the ore, roasting, and final extraction using electricity (electrowinning).

Zinc is an essential mineral of "exceptional biologic and public health importance". Zinc deficiency affects about two billion people in the developing world and is associated with many diseases. In children it causes growth retardation, delayed sexual maturation, infection susceptibility, and diarrhea, contributing to the death of about 800,000 children worldwide per year.Enzymes with a zinc atom in the reactive center are widespread in biochemistry, such as alcohol dehydrogenase in humans.Consumption of excess zinc can cause ataxia, lethargy and copper deficiency.

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