Difference Between Cone Crusher And Jaw Crusher


Difference Between Cone Crusher And Jaw CrusherIn the crushed stone production line, the reasonable configuration of crushing equipment plays a very important r

Difference Between Cone Crusher And Jaw Crusher

In the crushed stone production line, the reasonable configuration of crushing equipment plays a very important role in improving the output, improving the shape and particle size distribution. At present, the process of the whole crushing production line basically includes three main stages: coarse crushing, medium fine crushing and screening. In the fine crushing stage, there are many types of crushers that can be selected. Which kind of equipment is more suitable is also a headache for many users.

The structure and principle of fine jaw crusher is similar to that of jaw crusher. The working method is curved extrusion type. The material is crushed and crushed in the crushing cavity composed of movable jaw and fixed jaw. The cone crusher is laminated and crushed continuously. Move towards the crushing wall and squeeze the material sandwiched between them to crush it.

Regarding the structure and working principle of the two, I believe that everyone is familiar with it and will not repeat it here. Below we mainly talk about the differences between the two in actual production:

1.production characteristics

Generally speaking, fine jaw crushering and conical crushering have the following characteristics:

2.the whole frame

From the perspective of the overall structure, the cone crusher is 1.7-2 times heavier than a fine jaw crusher with the same size of the mine mouth, and the fuselage is generally 2-3 times higher than a fine jaw crusher.

3.Handling materials

Cone crusher is not suitable for crushing wet and sticky ore. Fine jaw crusher can meet almost all kinds of materials.

4.Feeding requirements

Cone crusher can be packed full of ore feeding, and direct feeding does not require additional ore silos and ore feeding machines. However, the fine jaw crusher cannot be crowded with the ore feed, and the ore feed is required to be uniform. Therefore, it is necessary to set up an additional mine and a ore feeder, which increases the investment cost of auxiliary equipment.

5.Finished grain type

When discussing the finished grain types of counter-crusher and cone-crusher, we said that the former has a good grain shape, the finished product has fewer edges and corners, and the finished cone-shaped product has more needle flakes. Compared with the fine jaw crusher, generally, the The plastic effect is slightly better.

6.price comparison

The price of cone crusher is much more expensive than that of fine jaw crusher. We should have no doubt about this.

7.Use and maintenance

We know that no matter what kind of crushing equipment, regular maintenance is inevitable. Although the initial cost of the cone crusher is high, the failure rate is low in the later period, the wearable parts replacement cycle is long, the maintenance and repair are convenient, and a lot of manpower and material resources are saved.

Based on the comparison of the above characteristics, we know that the choice of equipment for medium and fine crushing is uncertain. We must comprehensively consider when purchasing. Considering the cost of the equipment, when both equipment can meet the crushing needs and needs When the quantity is the same, we generally choose fine jaw crusher; large-scale factory production operations should choose cone crusher; when crushing wet and viscous ore, it should choose fine jaw crusher; when processing flake or long hard ore, it is suitable Cone crushering, the specific equipment selection still depends on the user's production requirements.

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