Gypsum Granules Manufacturing Plant

Gypsum Granules Manufacturing Plant

Gypsum Granules Application

Granular Gypsum is a free flowing, low in dust, and pH-neutral source of soluble Calcium Sulfate. You can use granular gypsum for lawns and gardens, as well as agricultural uses for many fruit and vegetable crops.

Gypsum granules improves lawns, gardens, and crops by loosening hard soil fast which allows air to penetrate the soil, provides calcium and sulfur that are nutrients crucial to plant growth, and counteracts ice-melting salt damage and animal yard spots. It is a neutral salt and as a natural soil amendment has three potential benefits. First, in high sodium soils, it will replace the sodium.

Gypsum Production Line

Gypsum processing production line involves several different techniques and equipment. There are mainly five stages in gypsum production applications.

Gypsum Granules Manufacturing Plant

In gypsum granules manufacturing plant, the raw gypsum material is crushed, dried, ground, and calcined. Gypsum ore, extracted from quarries and underground mines, is crushed for size reduction. According to end products requirements, the gypsum ore is further crushed and screened to about 2 inches in diameter. And then the materialis will be dried and conveyed to a roller mill, where it is ground to the extent that 90 percent of it is less 100 mesh.

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