Gypsum Grinding Production Line

Gypsum Grinding Production Line

Overview of Production Line

Gypsum has good sound insulation, heat insulation and fire protection properties. Because of its special properties, gypsum has been widely used in various industrial fields. Grinded gypsum can be used in gypsum construction products, model making, cement retarder, medical food additives and so on. It has made great contributions to the development of national economy. 。 Gypsum grinding production line is mainly composed of jaw crusher, vibration feeder, screw polarizer, Raymond grinder and other equipment. Because these equipment have many types, the company can configure reasonable grinding production process for users according to their actual working environment and requirements.

production process

The gypsum material is sent to jaw crusher for initial crushing with the help of vibration feeder. If the gypsum material crushed by jaw crusher meets the requirements, it is fed into the silo by bucket elevator. If it does not meet the requirements, it will return to crushing again. The gypsum material which meets the requirement of feeding material in the silo is fed into the gypsum grinder for grinding operation. The powder after grinding is taken away by the air flow of the fan, and then it enters the separator for sorting operation. The gypsum material which meets the requirements of production is entered into the cyclone collector for separation and collection, and is discharged into the finished product through the separate pipe.

Process Advantage

The gypsum grinding production line has the advantages of large capacity, high production efficiency, reasonable and efficient, and good energy-saving effect. The equipment combination of the production line is compact, the design is reasonable, and the floor area is small, which can bring high benefits to users.


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