Gypsum Hammer Mill Sale In Zimbabwe


Gypsum Hammer Mill Sale In ZimbabweGypsum ore crusher is the important crushing machines in gypsum ore processing. These crushers are used to crush large size o

Gypsum Hammer Mill Sale In Zimbabwe

Gypsum ore crusher is the important crushing machines in gypsum ore processing. These crushers are used to crush large size of gypsum ore into small particles for next step. Gypsum ore crusher consist of primary jaw crusher, secondary jaw crusher or impact crusher, gypsum hammer mills, some times there are also use cone crushers. These equipments can be used in one complete gypsum crushing and screening plant. Capacity of which is from 10 TPH to 1000 TPH.

gypsum hammer mill

Our hammer crusher is mainly applied to stone crushing in construction industry, road and railway construction, house building and other industries that will use small stone materials. It is especially suitable for crushing limestone, medium hard stones and stones which compression strength are less than 200Mpa and calcium content is more than 40%.

Working principle of gypsum hammer mill

In the hammer crusher, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed in the crushing cavity. When the materials get into the working area of crusher, the high speed rotating hammers will crush them by striking, impacting, shearing, polishing and so.

It is designed making use of the inertia of the hammer produced by the motor, to knock the stone into small ones, and it has an impact plate in the back of the crushing cavum to better the materials both in shape and function and make them smaller ones.

Advantages of gypsum hammer mill

1, It can crush the stones independently, and it doesn't need the second crusher to better the materials, therefore it can reduce the user’s cost by 35%. Low power, low investment.

2, It can crush the wet stones, that is to say, you can wet the stones when crushing it to reduce the dust pollution, and keep workers health and good environment.

3. Our hammer crusher adopts the best quality parts, especially wear-resistant parts. The chromium alloy hammer adopted is the most advanced technology and durable mental parts.

4. We have many types of hammer crusher which the capacity ranges from 50t/h to 800t/h to meet the various requirements. We believe there must be one fit for you.

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