How To Configure Quartz Sand Production Line

How To Configure Quartz Sand Production Line

How To Configure Quartz Sand Production Line

Generally, a complete quartz sand production line is composed of feeding equipment, coarse crushing equipment, fine crushing equipment, sand making equipment, screening equipment and even water washing equipment.

1. Coarse crushing, quartz ore is evenly fed by vibrating feeder and transported to jaw crusher for coarse crushing, crushing large quartz ore to required particle size.

2. Medium and fine crushing, after the coarse crushing quartz ore is screened by the vibrating screen, it is transported to the impact crusher by the conveyor for medium and fine crushing.

3. Sand making, the crushed quartz ore is sent to the sand making machine for further sand making and shaping treatment.

If clean quartz stone is needed, it can be transported to the sand washing machine for cleaning and impurity removal of quartz sand. Quartz sand production line is widely used, not only for quartz sand, but also for the crushing and processing of limestone, basalt, granite, pebble and other rocks. One production line can crush a variety of materials.

The price of a set of sand making equipment

A set of quartz sand equipment is a sand production line composed of a variety of equipment. The price of quartz sand production line in the market is also uneven. The price of a set of quartz sand production line is affected by many factors.

1. equipment quality

The price and quality of the equipment in the sand production line also have a lot to do with it. The equipment in the sand production line can be configured reasonably and the output and profit can be doubled with a small investment. But if the quality of the equipment is not good, regular maintenance, downtime, etc., then it will affect the output and revenue.

2. Production cost

The capital investment in the production process of the manufacturers of sand production line equipment also directly affects the selling price of the equipment. For example, the raw materials, advanced production technology, high and low technical content, input of various human and material resources, etc. of all accessories of the sand and stone production line equipment.

3. Manufacturer Service

The equipment of sand production line of some manufacturers is similar to that of other manufacturers, but its price is much more expensive, which is mainly reflected in the service. Some manufacturers will provide various services from the design and production plan in the early stage to the installation guidance in the later stage, and return visit to the use condition, while some manufacturers will provide no service at the first hand of the equipment. When a small problem occurs, they will shut down for processing, which will delay a lot of time.

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