Routine Maintenance And Overhaul Of Sand Washing Machine

Routine Maintenance And Overhaul Of Sand Washing Machine

Routine maintenance and overhaul of sand washing machine

Sand washing machine is an indispensable important equipment in the production of sand and gravel, mainly divided into wheel type and spiral type. It can remove the dust on the sand and gravel surface, make the sand cleaner and better quality. Regarding the use and maintenance of the sand washer, we have received advice from friends, so this article has compiled the relevant content, and attached the troubleshooting points for bearing and shaft failures for your reference.

Installation Precautions

Items to check before starting

Before starting, be sure to check the following points:

Maintenance points in use

The bearing of the sand washer is the key to the efficient operation of the entire equipment, and it is also the part that is easily damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to do maintenance work normally, and to perform maintenance work in a timely manner if a failure occurs.

Bearing troubleshooting

The shaft rotates through the bearing support. It is the most heavily loaded part and is also a part that is easy to wear.

Shaft troubleshooting

Other Case