Sand Making Machine In Concrete Pavement

Raw materials of sand making machine

There are many kinds of raw materials that can be used in sand making machine, such as river pebble, pebble, limestone, basalt, etc., and even some industrial waste and construction waste can be used in sand making under certain conditions.

quality of Sand from sand making machine

  • 1. Soundness: the soundness of sand produced by sand making machine is slightly worse than that of river sand, but it also reaches the index of sand making standard.
  • 2. Grain quality: the particle size of machine-made sand and stone is irregular arc, so it has stronger adhesion, more compressive strength and longer service life when applying structural bonding such as concrete.
  • 3. Fineness modulus: generally, there is only one fineness modulus for natural sand, and the fineness modulus of sand made by sand making machine is controlled by people, which can be adjusted according to needs, which is not achieved by natural sand.
  • 4. High Quality Controllability: generally, natural sand has only one fineness modulus, and the fineness modulus of sand made by sand making machine is controlled by people, which can be adjusted according to the needs, which is not achieved by natural sand; in addition, the raw materials for processing and producing artificial sand are selected by people, with uniform material, pure composition, and consistent mineral composition and chemical composition It's as complicated as natural sand.

Artificial sand can be used in concrete pavement

"Can manufactured sand be used for concrete pavement?" The users who put forward such problems are worried that the hardness of the sand produced by the sand making machine is not as good as that of the natural sand, and the amount of stone powder is large. In fact, these are not problems!


Although the hardness of artificial sand is not the same as that of natural sand, there is no problem in using it in ordinary concrete. In addition, as far as the stone powder content is concerned, the research shows that as long as the sand powder content is not more than 20%, it will not affect the setting time and strength of concrete. Moreover, it is worth noting that the particles of machine-made sand are relatively rough, mostly cubic, and the surface volume is relatively large, which makes the setting of machine-made sand better than that of cement, and to a certain extent, it also strengthens the concrete Compressive strength.

So in general, the use of artificial crushed sand (machine-made sand) in concrete is quite good, whether in the mixing plant or in the production of concrete blocks, machine-made sand plays a very important role.