Types and Gaps of Ultrafine Mill

Categories of Ultrafine Mill

Ultrafine mill can be strictly divided into three categories: SCM series ultrafine mill, T130X enhanced ultrafine grinding mill and LUM series ultrafine vertical grinding machine. They can be used to produce fine powder, and for subdivision processing, the fineness of products can be changed in a large range, helping more industries to meet the demand for fine powder.

Differences Between Different Types of Ultrafine Mill

  • (1) Different productivity: the capacity of LUM series mill can reach 5 to 18 t/h, while that of SCM series is 4 to 12 tons per hour, and that of T130X is 1.8 to 6.5 tons per hour. These different values can provide important reference for people to choose and buy.
  • (2) Different material requirements: ultrafine grinder for material requirements, mainly refers to hardness, humidity, viscosity, size, etc. Here take size as an example to illustrate their differences in material requirements. LUM requires feed size less than 10 mm, SCM needs less than 20 mm, followed by T130X size, must be less than 30 mm;
  • (3) Different fineness of finished products: this point mainly refers to the different particle sizes of finished products processed by ultrafine grinder equipment in production. The fineness of finished products of LUM series is between 400 and 650 meshes, that of SCM series is 325-2500 mesh, and that of T130X is 0.074-0.038 mm, which is also a basis for customer selection.