Gold Ore Milling Equipment


Gold ore milling equipment mainly includes crushing equipment, grinding equipment, grading machine, stirring bucket, chute and flotation machine. Mining and sel

Gold Ore Milling Equipment Introduce

Gold ore milling equipment mainly includes crushing equipment, grinding equipment, grading machine, stirring bucket, chute and flotation machine. Mining and selection of gold deposits: the types of gold deposit are mainly divided into two categories: one is vein gold, the deposits are mostly distributed in alpine regions, which are formed by the geological action of internal forces, and the vein gold deposits are called Mountain Gold and endogenetic gold deposits, and the other type is placer gold, which is exposed to the ground by the mountain gold mine, after long weathering and denudation, crushing gold grains, gold flakes, gold end, The transport of water, such as the role of water in the separation of the accumulation of sediment in the river, lake, coast and the formation of alluvial, flood-type or seashore-type placer gold bed.

Gold Ore Milling Equipment Process

Process of gold ore milling production line

The mining of gold ore is first broken by jaw crusher, after crushing to reasonable fineness through hoist, ore feeder evenly into the ball mill, from the ball mill to the ore crushing, grinding. Through the grinding of the ball mill ore fine material into the next process: grading. The spiral classifier uses the different proportion of solid particles and the different velocity of precipitation in the liquid, and the ore mixture is washed and graded into the classifier. After cleaning and grading of mineral mixtures in the magnetic separator, because of various minerals than the magnetization coefficient, through the magnetic and mechanical force of the mixture in the separation of magnetic materials. After the initial separation of the magnetic separator mineral particles in the flotation machine, according to different mineral characteristics to add different drugs, so that the required minerals and other substances separated. After the mineral is separated, because it contains a large amount of water, it must be condensed by the initial concentration machine, and then dryer drying, you can get dry minerals.

Gold Ore Milling Equipment Development

working process of ore milling equipment

When the materials are fed to the centre grinding plate, they move to the edge of grinding plate under the action of centrifugal force. Then the material are grinded by the grinding rollers when they pass through the grinding zone. Crushed materials continue to move to the edge of the grinding plate until taken away by the airstream. The big ones fall down and the process of grinding continues. The qualified ones pass through the separator and are gathered by the collector.If there are some irons or some other sundries, they will fall down from the grinding chamber under the action of gravity when they move to the edge of millstone device. Finally, the scraper will clear them from the grinding machine.

Development trend of ore milling equipment

Ore milling equipment present the development trend has the following points: Grinding machine Large-scale, the development of efficient energy-saving ball mill, the development of fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding equipment. Because the grinding machine diameter has changed a lot, the grinding process will also have a certain change, grinding machine diameter is too large, will bring some new problems to production. For example, the speed reduction, easy to lead to the impact of steel ball small, grinding stripping, ball and mine contact less, the ball load dead zone rapidly increased, so that unit volume production decreased, grinding mineral consumption of high, so for the diameter of the ball mill can not exceed a certain range.

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