Processing Of High-Quality Gypsum Powder Production Line


China has abundant natural gypsum reserves. After special treatment of advanced technology, the gypsum powder can be used not only for chalk, putty and crafts,

China has abundant natural gypsum reserves. After special treatment of advanced technology, the gypsum powder can be used not only for chalk, putty and crafts, but also in construction, building materials, power plants, papermaking, paint, food, medicine and other fields. Wide application. To process high-quality gypsum powder, gypsum powder production equipment must be selected. This article analyzes the gypsum powder production process and equipment price in detail, so that customers can better buy and invest.

Introduction of processing equipment for gypsum powder production line

Regardless of whether it is desulfurized gypsum or building gypsum, the quality requirements for gypsum powder are relatively high. The gypsum powder production line equipment launched by Shibang Industrial Manufacturers not only has perfect performance and mature technology, but also has low investment costs and is ideal. Details are as follows.

Material processing technology

The entire gypsum powder production line process includes: gypsum ore-vibrating feeder-jaw crusher-raw material silo-bucket elevator-grinder-rotary kiln-conveyor-clinker silo cooling-finished product and so on.

Processing technology flow

The key processes include the crushing stage, the milling stage, and the calcining stage. The specific process is: a large gypsum ore is crushed by a jaw crusher, a material conveying mill with a size of less than 30mm is pulverized, and the produced gypsum powder enters the rotation. Kiln calcined, the calcined finished gypsum powder is stored or put into the product workshop for use.

Gypsum powder production equipment can realize intelligent operation

Crushing equipment

After the mining of gypsum ore materials, different crusher equipment is selected according to the size of the raw material. Commonly used are jaw crusher, impact crusher, heavy hammer crusher and so on. Large pieces of gypsum ore need to be equipped with a jaw crusher for coarse crushing.

The jaw crusher can process 120-1200mm raw ore, the output particle size is 10-350mm, and the stand-alone operation is 1-1000t/h. It is used for gypsum powder production line.

The impact crusher is a medium-fine crushing device, which has a good effect on the processing of medium-hardness stones. The aggregate used for the secondary crushing of gypsum ore has a good shape of the aggregate. It uses more subsequent processing. The feed size is 300-800mm and the stand-alone operation is 300-800t/h.

The hammer crusher is a combination of coarse crushing and fine crushing. It can crush and shape at one time, simplify the crushing process, save the cost of crushing investment, and is highly sought after by the market. It can process raw ore ≤400-1200mm, and stand-alone operation of 100-3000t/h.

Milling equipment

After the gypsum ore is processed and sieved by the crusher, it needs to be ground. The gypsum powder is generally selected by Raymond mill. The feed size of Raymond mill is ≤25-≤30mm, the finished product size is 0.173-0.044mm, and the single machine production is 8-176t.

Calcining equipment

After grinding, the gypsum powder is fine and uniform in particle size, and then calcined in a rotary kiln. The cooked gypsum powder is transported by the elevator to the semi-finished product silo for uniform storage.

Price of gypsum powder production line equipment

The price of gypsum powder production line equipment is mainly based on the customer's raw materials, output, and finished product requirements. Generally, the higher the output, the larger the optional equipment model, the more expensive the production line equipment configuration. There are hundreds of thousands of production lines, and there are also millions of production lines, so the price is mainly determined by specific conditions.

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