Upgrading Of Crushing Equipment Configuration


There are not many stone factories that can be successfully started today, but looking at the stone market, there is a lot of profit, so why not many manufacturers can stand up because environmental protection is not qualified. At present, the main p

There are not many stone factories that can be successfully started today, but looking at the stone market, there is a lot of profit, so why not many manufacturers can stand up because environmental protection is not qualified. At present, the main problem facing the construction of a production line that produces 100 tons of crushed stone per hour is environmental protection. In order to solve user concerns, equipment manufacturers have optimized the performance of stone processing equipment. The upgraded crushed stone production line is more environmentally friendly and more efficient. In order to ensure that the equipment configuration is in place, it is important to choose the correct manufacturer when choosing the manufacturer.

The upgrading of crushing equipment configuration is more environmentally friendly

To avoid pollution, it is effective to cut off from the source. There are two main measures. First, you can change the operating environment, move the production line indoors to isolate dust noise, and another method is to upgrade the configuration and replace the equipment in the stone factory. Environmental protection equipment can control the generation of noise and dust from the source.

Combined with the actual case, we will introduce it to you in detail. This stone factory is a customer case of SBM environmentally friendly production line of 100 tons of crushed stone per hour. The indoor mode + environmental protection configuration is bidirectionally upgraded.

This is a very simple crushed stone production line. The main working equipment is various types of crusher equipment. With the screening processing of the vibrating screen, the impurities in the material can be removed well, and the clarity of the stone can be improved. It is also possible to grade the raw materials, so even if it is a one-time molding stone factory configuration, one production line can also process a variety of stone materials of different specifications.

In addition to the functional advantages of a single machine for forming the crushing equipment used in the case, we upgraded the material selection of the equipment components, and the quality of the whole machine is more reliable and more wear-resistant. After the sealing part is upgraded, it can close the noise and dust, prevent leakage, effectively reduce the risk of pollution, and help your environmentally friendly production.

Selection is also important for manufacturers

The stone factory wants to upgrade the configuration, you can find out the equipment manufacturer, at least the technical strength must be guaranteed, the quality of the equipment should not be too bad, and the after-sales service must also be perfect.

Technical soft power is important

The equipment performance upgrade test is the manufacturer's technical soft power. If the core technology is insufficient, reliable soft power support cannot be provided. The result is that the equipment you may buy is not the environmentally friendly equipment you want;

Equipment quality must be personally verified

Due to the special nature of the work, the crushing equipment of the Stone Factory will inevitably produce friction losses during the work, so if the quality of the equipment is not close, it is prone to failure. If it is serious, the production will be shut down and stopped.

It is clear whether the quality of the equipment is good or bad. You are going to the manufacturer to verify it personally. You can bring the test machine on site or you can visit the case of the manufacturer. In short, look at a few more, and you know which equipment is better.

The better the after-sales service, the better

Many users do not pay attention to the after-sales part. In fact, it is really important. For users who do not understand the configuration of crushing equipment in the stone factory, do you know how to install, debug, operate, and overhaul? This time saw the importance of after-sales service;

Taking SBM as an example, the after-sales service we provide to users includes: assisting equipment installation and commissioning, teaching users to operate and operate, and after-sales life-long after-sales, any problems can be solved by telephone at any time. This is a very reasonable and regular after-sales process to provide protection for your follow-up production, to avoid subsequent problems, you ca n’t find someone to solve it, you ca n’t avoid the loss if you are in a hurry, so when choosing a manufacturer, you still have to polish your eyes , After you are satisfied with the various aspects, you will decide.

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